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From Cedar To Carl Wilson & Back
by Cathy Quigg - 2015

Little Cauchon – Nipissing R. Loop
by Brandon Peek - 2015

Canoe - Big Trout Lakes Loop
by Ralph Neelands - 2015

Dagger - McGarvey Lakes Loop
by Marko Mrkobrada - 2015

Opeongo - Longer Lakes Loop
by Cam Penman - 2015

Opeong - Hogan Lakes Loop
by Cobi Sharpe - 2015

Rock - Welcome - Louisa Loop
by G. Gair & A. Shanahan - 2015

Tim - Nip R. - Burntroot - Tim R. Loop
by Shawn O’Reilly - 2015

Updated February 18, 2019
Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 . . . . .

This will wet the appetite of most paddlers out there, specially those who are considering making their own canoe! Mike Burns has posted a YouTube video "SoloWillow Canoe Making Finished" documenting the completion and test-launch of his new canoe.

"My Skin on Frame canoe called SoloWillow was finished and a short test March 17th 2019. 16 feet long and 32" wide. The canoe weight is 40lbs without yoke and cedar floor boards, which adds 3 more pounds. The Douglas Fir was very dense/heavy I found that made the canoe weigh a bit more then I would have liked. Big first trip with new canoe will be in May."

Monday, February 18th, 2019 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted seven new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 4 on Otterslide Lake     Campsite 13 on Misty Lake    
Campsite 28 on Cedar Lake.     Campsite 8 on Cauchon Lake    
Campsite 9 on Cauchon Lake     Campsite 10 on Cauchon Lake    
Campsite 11 on Cauchon Lake    

Thursday, January 30th, 2019 . . . . .

Ian Tendy has shared a trip-log on his website, of his 4-day Canada Day weekend loop-trip up Potter Creek to Brule Lake, which looped over through McIntosh and Tom Thomson Lakes "Canada Day 2018".

"We passed the night away by fishing around the lake and eating chicken wraps cooked over the campfire. The dusk was calm, and we settled into a warm summer night. At around 2am, we both woke from a content slumber to a sound neither of us wanted to hear. Rain, thunder, and lots of both. Before long I had to take a peek outside, and with the aid of near-constant lightning I could see the tarp was flapping hard but still there."

Thursday, January 17th, 2018 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has added six more campsite reports to his "All Of Algonquin" website. He has submitted the links to these new reports and they are now integrated into this website's Portage and Campsite Inventory Project.

CS. 1 on Longbow Lake             CS. 3 on Longbow Lake
CS. 2 on Longbow Lake     CS. 1 on Mouse Lake    
CS. 2 on Potter Lake     CS. 1 on Moccasin Lake    

Sunday, January 13th, 2018 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted five new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 4 on Lake Opeongo, North Arm     Campsite 1 on Nipissing R. - Nadine Portage    
Campsite 1 on Nipissing R. - Plumb Creek Junc.     Campsite 3 on Nipissing R. - Plumb Creek Junc.    
Campsite 4 on Nipissing R. - Plumb Creek Junc.    

Sunday, December 16th, 2018 . . . . .

Wanda Spruyt has submitted a couple of new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 1 on Phipps Lake             Campsite 2 on Kirkwood Lake

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted another six new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 21 on Manitou Lake     Campsite 29 on Manitou Lake    
Campsite 38 on Manitou Lake     Campsite 43 on Manitou Lake    
Campsite 43a on Manitou Lake     Campsite 44 on Manitou Lake    

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted five more new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 2 on Upper Kawa Lake             Campsite 2 on Tim River - Lower Pine River (section)
Campsite 1 on Remona Lake     Campsite 3 on Lake Opeongo - East Arm    
Campsite 2 on Remona Lake

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has added seven more campsite reports to his All Of Algonquin" website. Links to Drew's reports are also integrated into this website's Portage and Campsite Inventory Project.

CS. 1 on Tarn Lake             CS. 1 on Clover Lake CS. 1 on Stratton Lake    
CS. 14 on Stratton Lake     CS. 1 on Guthrie Lake     CS. 1 on Hogan Lake    
CS. 15 on Grand Lake    

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 . . . . .

Rich (aka "Hiker72") has posted a trip-log of his late October 3-day hike "Western Uplands Northern Loop", with over-nights on Loft and North Pincher Lakes.

"West Otterpaw creek proved to be a particular challenge due to the swelled streams. The options were crossing on top of a beaver dam or over some partially submerged rocks downstream. I thought the beaver dam would be the best option. I thought wrong. The volume of water cascading over the dam gave me a semi-soaker, and so precarious rock hopping proved to be less of a challenge after all. Nearing West Otterpaw Lake, the trail appeared to cross another small stream and continue straight on. Soon after I crossed however, the trail ended and I could not see any well travelled footpath."

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 . . . . .

This summer "Cici Canoe" and "L.T." headed out of Kiosk for a five-day loop "Kiosk Loop: August 23 to 27, 2018", via Kioshkokwi, Manitou, Three Mile, Ratrap, and Maple Lakes .. with a day of rest on Erables Lake .. and the return to Kioshkokwi by way of Maple Creek.

"As I started down the trail, a very large frog jumped in front of me. I had been seeing quite a bit of frogs this trip, usually very small and sandy brown. This one was very dark. He startled me and I shrieked. L.T. didn't hear me and as he followed me down the path, the frog pulled the same trick, but got caught on the toe of his hiking shoe. The poor frog flew through the air like one of those cartoon frogs."

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 . . . . .

Chris Lawson has recently posted a trip-log on his own website "cmkl". It recounts his September 4-day canoe trip with his buddy Martin, looping out of Brent .. "Cedar - Catfish - Hogan - Burntroot - Nipissing River", through some very windy weather!

"I had been entertaining the notion that, since the wind down Narrowbag was right in our face, we might actually catch a break after we turned southwest on Catfish. Instead, I found myself staring at an endless march of whitecaps rolling perfectly north, marvelling at how the wind can seem to follow the longest fetch of a lake. And so rarely in our favour.

... I told Martin I didn’t see us making a whole lot of progress down the lake and that there was a significant risk of swamping if we tried. It was time to head for shore."

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 . . . . .

Thanks to Wanda Spruyt for submitting three additions to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 6 on Ragged Lake            

Campsite 21 on Ragged Lake            

Campsite 7 on Parkside Bay            

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 . . . . .

Maegan M. has posted a trip-log on her "Adventure Bound" blog, of a 4-day canoe trip she took with her mom.

They headed out of the Tim River access point .. spending their first two nights on Rosebary Lake and their last night back on Tim Lake .. "Algonquin in Four Days: Tim, Rosebary, Longbow Lakes and Tim River".

"As we paddled down the narrows between Rosebary and Longbow lake, I saw something moving on the edge of the water. Given the time of day, we were sure we were seeing things. Finally, we saw a huge bull moose eating along the water’s edge. We spent about 45 minutes floating beside him just enjoying the beauty of nature and snapping photos."

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has completed more trip-logs on his All Of Algonquin" website.

An August overnight to Potter Lake with his kids .. "Up Potter's Creek".
Early September trip from Opeongo, up through Merchant and La Muir, then back by Hogan and the Crow lakes. .. "Into the Wind: Merchant Lake and More and "Into the Wind Part Two: Homeward from Hogan".
A September weekend trip out of Achray with some workmates .. "The Barron Canyon Threepeat".

"That rain they’d been promising for the afternoon decided to show up fashionably late, and oh boy did it make up for lost time. One minute we we were getting down to the important business of cooking up our piles of meat, the next you could barely see the other side of the lake."

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 . . . . .

Wanda Spruyt has submitted a new triplog, of her 7-day canoe trip out of Smoke Lake with her daughter .. "Smoke Lake to Bonnechere".

They travelled to Ragged, Big Porcupine, Bonnechere, Cradle, Phipps, Kirkwood, Pardee, and Lawrence Lakes .. returning to Ragged Lake and visiting Parkside Bay.

"There was no one else on Bonnechere, and even Big Porc was empty. We actually got to the Devils Staircase quite quickly, and walking it downward seemed much easier. With the foodback almost empty, I was able to take on a bit more weight for the hike down. It was starting to spit, and the clay and loose rocks were very slippery. We wore good hiking shoes, which was a help, but Joyce still nearly turned an ankle with the canoe on her head."

Monday, September 24th, 2018 . . . . .

Chris Taylor has submitted five new campsite entries to the "Portage and Campsite Inventory".

Campsite 1 on Bandit Lake             Campsite 1 on Erables Lake
Campsite 3 on Club Lake     Campsite 3 on Lake La Muir
Campsite 1 on North Sylvia Lake    

Saturday, September 8th, 2018 . . . . .

David (forum handle: "dontgroandaddy") posted a substantial trip-log on this website's forum titled "A River Runs Through It".

His family of four (plus friend) travelled their late-August 4-day loop via Magnetawan, Casey, Jubilee and Daisy Lakes.

"It wasn’t two minutes before the rain started, and “obliteration beyond comprehension” in seconds. A fantastically hard rain. We sat a moment, shocked at the intensity. I looked at the kids. Emily was smiling at me with a “whattya gonna do?” look on her face. We gave Michael his jacket, like that mattered. Even with the boats just feet apart, I had to yell over the sound of the rain to tell the kids to keep their bailer handy. That was probably the hardest rain I have experienced in a canoe. An overpowering amount of rain, in such volume it stuns you it can even happen."

Saturday, September 8th, 2018 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has completed another multi-part trip-log on his All Of Algonquin website, of his "Four Days in July" .. a canoe trip that he and his buddy took, starting via the Tim River .. and paddling through Rosebary, Longbow, Queer, Little Misty, Moccasin, Sawyer, Rain, Casey, Daisy, and Ralph Bice Lakes .. ending up at Magnetawan Lake.

Part One: "The River Mild".
Part Two: "The Moccassin Lake Shuffle".
Part Three: "The Road Well Traveled".
Part Four: "Ralph Bice, Butt Lake and Eagle Lake".

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 . . . . .

Drew (forum handle: "AlgonquinLakes") has completed two more trip-logs on his All Of Algonquin website.

First was a two-part, two-day weekend trip out of Kiosk during "buggy June". Drew and his friend travelled a loop starting through Mink, Club, and Mouse Lake (where they camped). They then continued via Big Thunder, Erables, and Maple Lakes .. and returned by Maple Creek to Kioshkokwi Lake .. "Welcome to Kiosk: The Mouse Lake Swarm" ..and .. "Welcome to Kiosk Part Two: Escaping the Bugocalypse"

Second was a daytrip loop (July 1st) out of Canoe Lake .. by Bonita, Tea, Coot, Swan and Smoke Lakes .. a hot and buggy exploration .. "Swan Lake".

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