Forum Use - Preferred Browsers

This Boardhost forum operates in a "PHP" environment. Some web-browsers handle the "PHP" environment very well, while under some conditions, others apparently fail to handle all of its features.

At this time, in the case of conventional computers with the Windows operating system, web-browsers which appear to handle the PHP environment well include .. MSExplorer, Firefox and Safari. On the other hand, it appears that some PHP features may not be handled adequately by Chrome due to occasional conjestion somehow related to cache conditions and browser extensions. Chrome appears to function somewhat better in PHP environments when it's used in "Incognito" mode.

In the case of devices using the Android operating system, one of the most "PHP" compliant web-browsers appears to be Dolphin. In this case, both Chrome and Firefox sometimes appear to not fully support certain "PHP" features.

One of the "PHP" generated features which appears to sometime give certain browsers hardship is image-insertion in the posting process.

Please relay any experiences or insights regarding various browsers' abilities to handle the "PHP" environment .. so that this article can be updated..

Updated July 27th, 2015