Terms of Service for the AlgonquinAdventures.com Discussion Forum

This forum is intended to be a "family-friendly" opportunity for Algonquin Park campers, canoeists, hikers and naturalists to share information. By posting information, comments, opinions, statements, advice, data, files, links, ideas, images or any other form of content, you are expected to adhere to the expectations, rules and restrictions outlined on this page.


1) This forum is not a venue for "argument", "debate" or "inappropriate comments". The AlgonquinAdventures.com Discussion Forum is a free service, provided by AlgonquinAdventures.com (aka-Barry Bridgeford). Toward retaining this forum's "family-friendly" qualities and toward keeping it "on-topic", the forum's team of moderators can exercise a number of controls over its content and accessibility.

2) The "Where In Algonquin" threads, in which the location of where a photo was taken is guessed, offer enjoyable entertainment on the forum. Please try to pick a photo (that you took) that has either a recognizable feature or some sort of visual "indicator" from which some "deductions" can be guessed at. In other words, "Not too hard or frustrating." (After WIA #343, no aerial [drone, satellite, fly-over, etc.] images will be allowed as the primary photo of the WIA threads.)

3) This forum's public discussions are not a venue for "ongoing personal-chit-chat", for "chronicling daily activities" or for "extended and/or detailed planning of social events". The forum's 'Personal Messages" feature, emailing or social networking websites are the appropriate online venues in which to pursue those needs.

4) Rambling, assumptive, poorly researched or pedantic postings don't serve to share useful information. They only serve to "put-off" readers or generate tensions. An honest admission of "not knowing" and an accompanying request for help, is a far-better means of fostering the exchange of valid information.

6) Concerns about or criticisms of forum postings should not be posted on the forum, as they only serve to add antagonism, provocation and confrontation to the thread. Rather, such communications should be emailed to the forum moderators. Any such antagonistic, provocative or confrontational forum postings will be reviewed by the moderators toward possible editing or deletion.

7) Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics ... The AlgonquinAdventures.com website and discussion forum, foster and promote responsible practices by Algonquin Park campers. AlgonquinAdventures.com has entered into formal partnership with LNT Canada and has a strong investment in everyone trying to do the right thing for Algonquin Park. Forum users are invited to discuss how they effectively practice specific Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Overt criticism of LNT or ridicule of its supporters doesn't have a place on this forum. Such negative postings will be considered as inflammatory and disruptive provocations.

8) Debate and/or presentation of overtly "anti-" and/or "pro-" logging sentiments is not acceptable on this forum. However, posting about specific logging-related activities (such as the logging museum, harvesting locations, haulage routes, individual instances, information venues) are acceptable.

9) No uncivil postings should be made. Such postings occur when either .. someone "names" another and then proceeds to criticize them directly .. or someone "names" someone, misrepresents that person's opinion and then proceeds to criticize that "misrepresentation", thereby provoking the person who's opinion they are misrepresenting. Only "information" should be directly addressed on the forum. "Personal" criticisms and provocations are not acceptable.

Forum Rules

When posting content to this forum, you are expected to ..

1. not post inflammatory or defamatory statements.
2. not post personally critical or argumentative statements.
3. not harass, threaten or intentionally embarrass another forum visitor.
4. not use an offensive word, name, abbreviation or acronym. *
5. not submit or post any content deemed pornographic or obscene.
6. not post hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable content.
7. not post content which infringes another's copyright, trademark or tradesecret.
8. not post unsolicited advertising, solicitation or recruitment.
9. not impersonate another person.
10. not engage in disruptive activity such as sending multiple messages in an effort to monopolize the forum.
11. not 'copy-paste' extensive passages (spam) from other websites or forums, without providing a detailed explanation and context for such use.
12. not violate any federal, provincial, municipal, international law or regulation.
13. not encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal or statutory offence.
14. not criticize or complain about business operators.
15. not encourage, promote or positively describe street-drug or alcohol use.
16. not overtly promote specific political parties or platforms.
17. not overtly promote specific religious beliefs or practices.
18. not initiate, invite or provoke discussion of controversial social or political issues not related to Algonquin Park.
19. not promote the contravention of park rules or regulations.
20. not use the name "Algonquin Adventures" in conjunction with unsanctioned group activities.
21. not post messages unrelated to Algonquin Park.

* In an effort to keep the forum "family friendly", its "Censored Words" feature is being used. It allows forum-admin to identify offensive words to be censored and to specify words to substitute each with. By using "astrisks" as replacement words, a poster should be able to easily see that the "replacement" has occurred and then has the opportunity to edit their posting to either use a different word that doesn't get "replaced" or opt to leave the "astrisks" visible as a way to convey their "emotion". (Sept. 13, 2015)

Fishing Information Restriction

Over time, the forum community has developed the following policy. Those lakes which are identified on the MNR Fish Stocking List may be identified in forum postings. However, lakes that aren't on the MNR Fish Stocking List should not be identified if their area is 60 hectares or less, so as to help minimize possible impacts on native trout populations. Likewise, no "hot spot" locations (such as points, bays or co-ordinates) should be identified on any lakes regardless of their status. Reference to watersheds, lake groups and larger lake locations in general are acceptable .. but nothing more specific. To help forum users conform to this restriction, here's the links to the 2005-2011 MNR Fish Stocking List, the 2015-2020 MNR Fish Stocking List, a PDF Listing of Historical Lake Sizes and random examples of smaller lake sizes ...

Bissett 105 hectares
Rence 92 hectares
Hayes 75 hectares
Godda 60 hectares
Fraser 50 hectares
Shrew 40 hectares

Wildlife Information Restriction

It is also important (in the interest of minimizing impacts on wildlife populations) to not post specific wildlife breeding or gathering locations. References to general areas, watersheds, lakes and general habitats are acceptable .. but nothing more specific. Readers are reminded of the Leave No Trace principle "Respect Wildlife" which includes observing wildlife from a distance and not following or approaching them.

No Liability For Content

1. Neither AlgonquinAdventures.com nor its operator is responsible for content. Any form of content expressed or made available to visitors of the forum are those of the respective author(s) or distributor(s) and not of the operator of this forum. Likewise, there's no endorsement or guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any such content.
2. Under no circumstances will the operator of this forum be liable for any loss or damage caused by reliance on any content found in the forum. It is the responsibility of any forum visitor to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any content available through the forum.
3. Neither AlgonquinAdventures.com nor its operator endorses, warrants or guarantees any product or service offered by a third party through the forum and will not be a party to or in any way monitor any transaction between forum visitors and providers of content.
4. Neither AlgonquinAdventures.com nor its operator makes any warranty that the forum will meet your requirements, or that it will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free. Likewise, there's no warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the forum or as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained throughout the forum.

Reporting of Infractions of Park Regulations

If you believe you have located online evidence of infractions of park regulations, make sure you have first secured evidence of the infractions. One method is to obtain comprehensive "screen-captures" of the online evidence of the infractions and convert them to well-detailed JPG image files complete with location information, which can then speak for themselves. Such evidence of infractions of park regulations should then be forwarded to the proper authorities. This forum is not the venue to specifically name individuals in such situations.


AlgonquinAdventures.com and its operator shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the content of the forum. AlgonquinAdventures.com and its operator shall have the right (in its sole discretion) to edit, or remove any content submitted to or posted in the forum; and also shall have the right to remove any material it finds to be in violation of the above provisions or otherwise objectionable; and also shall have the right to block user-names and associated IP addresses. Notwithstanding this right, the author of the content shall remain solely responsible for their content posted to the forum and forum users acknowledge and agree that neither AlgonquinAdventures.com nor its operator shall assume or have any liability for any action or inaction by itself with respect to any conduct, communication or posting in the forum or any of its content.


Concerns over a specific posting can be emailed to forum moderators.

March 18, 2021